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Sony Part 3 – Assassination of the 1st Amendment


sony-attacks-1st-amendmentAn excerpt from The Weekly Beat Dr. No Interviews Please! which will be available 1/12/15:

There is a cyber war going on within our computer screens. You cannot see it but it’s there. Big money is trying to control, restrict and monetize the traffic content to what will most likely be classified as a “public utility” later this year. One very revealing story from the Sony file leak has emerged that details the counterattack that Hollywood entertainment companies are waging against piracy and technology that risk their bottom line. These six studios are: Universal, Sony, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros., and Disney. Together with the MPAA, these companies have formed an unsavory alliance that is right out of a James Bond novel. They threaten via intimidation, coercion, secrecy, manipulation, and conspiracy to alter the way that the Internet is working. The studios seek to have global domination over ISPs, search portals, and even to control freedom of speech itself.

The studios have orchestrated an illegal plan of attack that risks the very openness to the Internet. They have in their cross hairs a current nemesis codenamed…


In emails revealed in the Sony Hack, their Project Goliath, is an effort to take that entity down and the studios have setup a specific bank account with which to use to fund this operation. This collusion is being orchestrated by and with the help of the MPAA and their legal counsel to proactively strike back against sharing of files and data. The identity of Goliath, not very difficult to figure out, is Google.

The studio alliance likens Google to one huge warehouse of inventoried supply of infringing, copyrighted material. They are specifically enraged by the persistence of available file-sharing links that Google provides. The alliance has developed a three-prong strategy to attempt to combat the web giant and also to make an attempt to control web traffic and free speech:

1. Legal: State prosecutors to take up the fight against Google/Goliath. Studios to build legal support for this option and have retained a fund of $500,000 to expense on its development. The group sought to hire former states’ attorney generals to use them as counsel and also for their connections to state level officials for influencing legislation.

2. Technical: Banks of computers have been assembled to wage counter-cyber attacks through use of hacker-like tools and methods.

3. Political: Investigations launched and budgeted so far at $70,000 for a dirt discovery enterprise code-named “Project Keystone” against Google to facilitate more lawsuits to force them to comply with the studios demands.

Want the full article? Follow this link to the Weekly Beat by ScreenBeats™.

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