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Sicario – Movie Review


sicario-movie-reviewAn excerpt from The Captain’s film review of Sicario which will be available 11/12/15:

The only reason Kate was even asked to join this operation was so she could sign off on a report saying everything they did was on the up and up. Something she has to sign at gunpoint.

I really wish her character had more to do in this. She mostly just stands around, angry at Josh Brolin’s methods. It would actually be better if she was more like Rachel McAdams on the last season of True Detective. Make her more of a badass, make her actually want to be on this task force, maybe have her fall deeper and deeper, actually losing herself in this violent world. Forcing her to be just as cruel as the people she is sent to take down.

But after watching Narcos, I mean… the agents there took stuff way too far. But they had to if they wanted to take down Pablo Escobar. So when Kate is complaining, I kept thinking, this is nothing compared to the shit they did in Colombia.

Since the film is called Hitman, it should have focused more on the actual hitman. Instead he is mostly in the background. If it isn’t focusing on Kate, it is switching back to this Mexican police officer with his kid. I thought if they’re showing this to us, there must be a big pay off with it later. Nope. Not really.

The cop is dirty and Alejandro kills him. The end of that bizarre tossed in subplot.

So Alejandro is ready for his revenge, Kate caught him in the tunnel taking out some people, holding the previously mentioned cop hostage. He has to shoot Kate in the vest a few times to get her off his back. Don’t worry, she’s fine. Just some hurt boobies.

Alejandro and the dirty cop find the second in command making his getaway, in the police car they pull him over. Dirty cop dies, time to be led straight to mister drug lord.

Alejandro is finally face to face with the guy who killed his family. Who just happens to be having dinner with his family. You pretty much know what is going to happen next. You expect it, but you don’t think they’d actually do it. It being Alejandro killing the drug lord’s family at the table. It was a little shocking.

Maybe more so if the plot actually included his character more. It kind of felt like this was a sequel to another movie. Like this is the 5th Death Wish film and the character is still kind of in it, but it has shifted its focus of other players, but it’s also the film Charles Bronson finally finds the killers responsible for killing his wife, so everything is just quickly wrapped up.

This film is very good. It has mood and atmosphere, some enjoyable characters like Alejandro and Josh Brolin’s character Graver. So much so I just wish the film was about these two. A burnt out CIA agent wanting to make a deep lasting impact on the drug cartels, resorting to cartel like tactics to do it. And him partnering up with a Mexican hitman seeking revenge for the murder of his family. Film that! I want to see that movie, damn it.

I guess there’s always the sequel. Sicario 2: Electric Boogaloo! Look for it! Never!

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