An excerpt from my script review for Rocketman which will be available 07/28/19:

2.) Plot Stability


That’s the word that kept coming to mind as I read this 89 page script.

This tour was a whirlwind to say the least.

For instance, we have the “major” folks in Elton’s life, but we stop (way) short of him meeting and marrying his husband David, and the whole theme revolved around “Elton being loved”.

I mean I guess it was a little later, and they needed to stop the story somewhere, but as a spouse I’d be pissed that I’m merely a footnote at the end of the film.

Despite that, I defend my criticism that the rest was rushed, as well.

Page 68.

Elton wakes up with a “Hugh” in bed after a presumed binger.

Who the fuck are you?

I’m Hugh. I live with you.

Talk about “trimming the fat”! I felt completely lost as the story wrapped up.

Now was this jarring jump intentionally included to disorient us, suggesting this is how Elton was living his life in excess and success? Maybe, but the amnesia bit felt too one the nose.

And before anyone gets all cranky, and bent out of shape, I understand that certain liberties will be taken with his life in an effort to streamline the story, I’m all for that.

But in terms of a biopic, it just felt kind of “light” when you take into account what an impressive and interesting individual Sir Elton Hercules John is.

In my opinion, for what that’s worth, I feel the audience deserves more.

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