Please…Pardon Our Database Error.

frustrated-computer-userHi all.

For those few of you smart enough to stumble onto the front end of the site here, I wanted to let you know what’s going on.

Our forums are down for a bit because of all the scripts being uploaded. (Hint, hint, there’s A LOT of them.)

We exceeded our hosting account so we’re bumping things up and joining another provider. I don’t know how all that works exactly, but as it’s being sorted out we should be back to normal shortly.

Thanks for your patience and feel free to comment here if you need anything.


PS – I’ll approve all new member who signed up before we did the switcheroo once I’m able to log in.

UPDATE 11/13/13 – Forums are back up and working! Thanks for your patience.

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  1. UPDATE!

    Hi all,

    Bit of sad news on this end. As some of you know, my dad was sick, and he passed on Saturday.

    This doesn’t directly result in the forums being down, but I’ve got my hands full over the next few days.

    We do have an outside party working on the issue, but they’re having trouble getting the permissions they need from our previous hosting company to switch the server or database or something. (Most of it’s over my head.)

    Thanks for your patience,


  2. Hank,

    No worries. Just take of yourself, your loved ones, and anyone else who is within the fallout.

    Despite my position as stranger, please accept my condolences and my sincere hopes that
    all settles sooner than later.

    All the best,

  3. Hank,

    Sorry to hear about your dad. If it means anything, just know that there is a total stranger out there (me) whose heart is with you. Thanks for helping to provide a site for us aspiring screenwriters.

    – Matthew

  4. I’m sorry for your loss. I had the same thing happen in May, so I feel for you Hank. God Bless and hold you and your family.

    Ken Glover

  5. @Everyone

    Thank you all for the kind words. Although we’re practically strangers, it’s nice to see the kindness that comes naturally.

    It definitely sucks, as he was in no way old, but my family’s lucky enough to have had the opportunity to spend all day Saturday with him more or less preparing for the worst. He was conscious, able to say that he loved us, and wasn’t in unbearable pain.

    As far as the site, got an email forwarded from the hosting company so we should be back to normal there soon.

  6. Thanks to you both, but as you can see, things are back up and running.

    (Even our email, which took an extra day or two to sort out.)

  7. I just got an email that I wasn’t able to become a member bc I “didn’t meet the requirements for membership”.

    What are the requirements and where are they listed on the site? Bc all I remember filling out was e-mail, name, etc… nothing personal. How can I be rejected on that?

    • @Cheryl

      Just fired over an email. But I’ll explain it here to for other people trying to log in.

      We get a lot of spam accounts from certain IP addresses, and from time to time real people get weeded out since the IPs look similar.

      Not a huge deal, so please don’t take it personally.

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