An excerpt from my script review for Overlord which will be available 11/20/18:

3.) Quality of Characters

The Captain mentioned this also in his review of the film.

Lovable meat for the grinder.

All You Need is Kill and Saving Private Ryan are excellent examples of what this film didn’t do, meaning this project stood out.

With those two projects you have a ton of nameless faces that the enemy destroys.

We don’t really get to know them, and we’re expecting them to bite it because the story needs that to happen so we see the atrocities of war.

Here though, the meat didn’t just have a face, but faces.

We’re getting to know a certain character when – BOOM.

They’re blown to bits.

Sure we didn’t spend a lot of time on their back-story, but it was enough for us to feel invested in the character.

That’s well done.

Us having an emotional connection with a character means you’re doing your job as a writer, making them feel like living, breathing human beings.

Audiences will react the same.

(At the risk of spoiling the story, if you skipped the Captain’s earlier review, I’ll stop right there because this script is worth studying if only for that point.)

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