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Knock at the Cabin – A simple, decent “contained” idea.


An excerpt from my script review for Knock at the Cabin which will be available 02/06/23:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Two things this script has going for it right off the bat.

First, it’s a “based on” project.

Second, and probably related to the first, it’s a Black List script from a few years back.

Now, we can do little to nothing on the first, unless we’ve got an in with the original author (or a lofty inheritance), but on the second…there are other lists to take advantage of.

Coverfly now handles entries for the Blood List Fresh Blood submissions, and if you check that site out there are a handful of contests/lists that you can enter for free at various times throughout the year.

Something to kick around perhaps, since it doesn’t cost anything to join.

What else can we take away from this script?

It’s a simple “cabin in the woods” (mainly) contained premise.

We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again, for good reason perhaps, in that having characters isolated in a rustic cabin is a very relatable experience.

Some of us want to go there specifically for solitude…but what if our holiday goes wrong?

Here we’re given a “doomsday cult” (but we’re not a cult!) terrorizing a gay couple and their daughter.

On top of that, the family is tasked with either sacrificing one of their own, or leave the world’s population to its devastation.

Hell of a hook there, and without spoiling anything else, we’ll save the rest for the next section.

Knock at the Cabin Box Office Results

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