An excerpt from my script review for Hustlers which will be available 09/17/19:

3.) Quality of Characters

What made me interested in this script was a review of the film on NPR.

Here the male host talked about how, although committing a major set of crimes, the audience identifies with these women because they were taken advantage of.

Maybe it was the fact that he’s male, and we’re in the #MeToo movement, but why should I feel bad for them?

Do I feel bad for a drug dealer selling an addict his fix?

Say the addict is wealthy and looks down on the drug dealer, one being a bigger asshole than the other doesn’t give either party the moral high ground.

Rosie’s a bitch.

A mere two pages in, and I didn’t think I’d make it through 132 pages of this pretentious and conceited character.

She watches out for herself, uses several people throughout the script, and didn’t resonate with me at all.

Now if we’re going for antihero, I can see that argument, but heroes these gals are not.

They’re a group of aging/out of luck strippers, who want to keep living the high life after the clock ran out.

Are the guys who go to these clubs, scumbags?  Most of them, but we find out there’s even a few who are just lonely guys looking for companionship.

They take advantage there to, because why not?

The slight saving grace is that there was a decent contrast to Rosie and Samantha throughout the script.

They played off each other nicely, but sooner or later you knew it was inevitably going to blow up.

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