An excerpt from my script review for Hustle (2022) which will be available 07/05/22:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

When someone mentioned this script was available to review, I couldn’t help but think I had already done it.

Of course I remember American Hustle way back when, and knew that wasn’t it, but I had read the stripper story with J Lo starring in it right?

That was Hustlers with an “rs” at the end, and this is Hustle.

Anyone see a potential issue, though?

Having a catchy and original logline is one thing, but a title? I get you want something short, sweet, and to the point, but make sure you’re not going to have your project confused with existing properties, even one that may not have been overwhelmingly well received.

You want your project to stand out and be noticed, so please don’t pick a title this similar to produced films.

And it’s an easy change.

Just off the top of my head…

Eastern GameUntapped MarketThe ComebackTalent Scout.

Admittedly the above could all use more brainstorming, but notice how none of them connect to images of J Lo dancing on a stripper pole?

That alone should warrant consideration if your title is too similar to something else.

And personally, this being a Netflix project leads me to think this script was shopped around a bit, and could have been judged on its cover alone, leading to a pass or two from other studios.

That’s a shame, since the second page of the script does imply an interesting premise, that there are more Chinese citizens interested in and practicing for the NBA than there are residents in the US.

(Hence the “untapped market” title suggestion above.)

But how was this received?

Hustle Box Office Reception

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