An excerpt from my script review for Hotel Artemis which will be available 06/11/18:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Black List 2016.

Writer of Iron Man 3 and MI: Rogue Nation.

Mr. Pierce has some credits to his name, and my memory lapsed for a moment, forgetting that established writers can get on the Black List. But I guess that happens too, even industry folks don’t always have their way.

What I like about this script, aside from it being contained, is it has a weird Sin City meets Murder on the Orient Express vibe to it. Everyone involved is a villain to some extent, and their elusive motives are what move the story forward.

That’s kind of cool, and meets the “same, but different” protocol we’re always being told to conjure out of thin air as writers.

So I was interested to read it, as I’m sure some of you are, but the question I have is why wasn’t it more popular at the theaters this past weekend?

Judging by the Captain’s viewing, he being one of only three people in the theater, plus the less than exciting box office returns, what went awry?

The premise seems solid, a “members only” hospital for criminals with a realistic backbone of rules all members and employees must adhere to.

Too much competition maybe?

I really hope not, because this is the type of unique idea we need to embrace, especially if we’re amateur writers with zero existing franchises to our names.

(Or as current audiences become exhausted with the incessant rebooting.)

Hotel Artemis Box Office Stats

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