(Before you start, make sure to catch up on Horror Week 1 and Week 2.)

Apostle – Did a great job at atmosphere, felt almost like a prequel to Wicker Man. Not as violent or as action filled as the trailer makes it out to be, but had enough good in it that I’d say it’s worth checking out. RENT

Unfriended: Dark Web – Surprisingly enjoyed most of this. Shocker, I know since the first film was hot garbage. I would have liked it if they went a bit further with the whole dark web red rooms theme, and if they amped up the gore a bit, seeing as the only bit of violence we get was a guy getting shot with a shotgun. I’m also interested in the alternate endings as there I believe 3 of them. It ends on a bit of a downer, so it would be interesting to see what else they could have gone with. Add in a pretty good twist at the end and I’d say this might actually be worth checking out. RENT

Winchester – Speaking of hot garbage! I didn’t care for this at all. I found it boring as hell, and everything else was just painfully eyerolling. I mean, the last half of this film is them shooting ghosts with a rifle. I just wanted this to be over with, a generic done to death haunted house film. SKIP

Totem – Speaking of generic! Or so you think. I might not be able to talk about this film without spoiling a few things, so be warned. This film starts out like your typical generic haunted ghost story. You’ve seen this a million times before and you aren’t set to see anything new, that is until the last act where they drop a hell of a twist on you. The problem is, to get to that twist, we have to sit there thinking how unoriginal and generic this is, when really they’re leading you into this false sense of security. A classic misdirect. I was so taken back by this twist, I had to stop and rewind, thinking I might have missed something important. This was a leftover from last year that I never got around to seeing, I believe it premiered on Cinemax so I have no idea how you’ll see it, but it’s worth checking out if you do. RENT

Zombiology – I really don’t have anything I want to say about this one. One thing this year’s horror month is missing is horror comedy, so when I heard about this one, I thought okay, this might be worth checking out. I was wrong. I didn’t know was Chinese and Chinese comedies are fucking unbearable. Their humor seems geared towards little kids, but not even that but like little girls. If you can stomach the humor long enough to actually get to the zombie shit, good on you. SKIP

E-Demon – I slightly wrote this one off as a rip off of Unfriended but ended up really enjoying this one as well. It was less Unfriended and more like Pontypool. These idiotic friends unleash this demon that possesses people through their smartphones and computer. I found it pretty damn interesting and fun. RENT

He’s Out There – I was in the mood for a slasher film, so I thought this one might do the job, I honestly didn’t care that much for it however, as I found it slightly boring and the two kids annoying as hell. It also wasn’t completely clear who the killer was or what he wanted. He wanted to have a tea party? I just didn’t like it, so I say don’t waste your time, there’s plenty of other titles out there to watch this Halloween, some might even be titled Halloween, hint hint. SKIP

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