Grimcutty – I do like the concept of this one, where parents have so much anxiety over their kids, they manifest this boogeyman who attacks them, making them worry even more for their safety. The parents learn of this “cutting game” on a mommy blog site and worry their kids might get into it too, even though the kids have no idea what their parents are talking about. So, to combat this issue that isn’t an issue until they made it one, they keep their kids at home, take away their computers and phones. Then the kids start to see Grimcutty, a terrible looking CGI character with a giant head and a sharp kitchen knife. The parents can’t see it of course, so when the kids end up getting slashed by the damn thing, the parents assume they are doing it to themselves. So here is the major issue I had with the film, no one dies. Not a single person in the whole film dies from the cause of this. Not from Grimcutty, not by accident, nothing. It was like Nightmare on Elm Street if Freddy was completely inept. RENT

Project Legion – I honestly don’t remember much about this movie. To be honest, once I saw the Saban logo popup, I instantly checked out. Not a whole lot seemed to happen, as it was just this soldier barricading himself into his apartment as he hallucinates that demons are outside, trying to get in. I say hallucinates because clearly, he was just crazy. Or I assume, he like bursts into flames at the end after he is institutionalized. It’s Saban, the folks who specialize in those geezer teaser films with Bruce Willis and every other aging actor that needs work. They’re barely movies, spending most of the budget on getting the geezer and not much else. SKIP

Old People – The Crazies but with old folks. This had a very slow build up, mostly dealing with a wedding in the countryside. That bored me to tears, as I really didn’t care much for any of these characters. The dubbing was also distracting, so maybe I should have watched it with subtitles instead. They never really explain the reason why all the old people start going crazy. They did kind of make it seem as if this taller older dude was controlling them, however that didn’t make much sense later on. Especially since this isn’t happening just in the area where the family are, but the whole country. So, I don’t know, I had a hard time getting past the first half by the time stuff started happening, I’d already lost interest. RENT

Halloween Reconstructed – This is the fan edit of the 2018 Halloween film that is meant to follow the script more accurately. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference from this and the theatrical cut. I’ll most likely talk about this more during my Halloween Ends review, but I will say this was the start of my decline in admiration for these films. I rated them pretty highly if I remember when I reviewed them. With this reedit, things don’t really hold up story wise, giving us a few plot holes once we enter Halloween Kills. Like the sheriff not only getting stabbed a million times but also ran over as the psychotic doctor drives away. Then in Kills he’s mostly fine with only a neck wound. Also in this cut, the boyfriend character gets arrested, but in Kills he just walks home slightly drunk. SKIP

Halloween Kills Extended Cut – I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, the only scene I didn’t recognize was when Laurie’s daughter goes to the morgue section of the hospital to check on her dead husband. Who I’m pretty sure was burnt to a crisp in the house fire. Unless she dragged the body out of there. If you’ve already seen the theatrical cut, this really serves no purpose. Even the “alternate ending” is lame. And since Halloween Ends picks up 4 years later, that ending doesn’t really make a whole heap of sense as it teases more for that night to happen. SKIP

The Visitor – This was more of a psychological thriller, I guess. Not a ton happens, with very few kills. And when there are kills, they are pretty lame. About a guy and his new wife move back into her family home where he starts to see these paintings of someone that looks just like him throughout the town. You aren’t really sure what’s going on, but you get kind of a Rosemary’s Baby vibe, as the couple bring up wanting children repeatedly. And the lore behind these paintings seem to mention a man coming to town to bring them gifts in exchange for something. So, you can kind of piece things together from that. It wasn’t bad, a little slow, a bit easy to figure out. RENT

In Isolation – I guess this is horror, it has horror elements at least. I believe this was a Russian film, that was dubbed over and made to be faked as an American film. I don’t know, I kept feeling like something was off. The dubbing wasn’t bad and if you weren’t paying attention, it could pass as an American or Canadian feature. But the dialogue. Wow is it bad but not just bad but bizarre. They say the strangest stuff that only in a bad translation or a film trying to pass English off as their main language would say. A character acts so strange, yet you’re meant to be shocked when it is revealed he’s crazy. Like yeah, I got that almost immediately after he opened his mouth. It was a fun enough movie; I’ll give it a RENT.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow – Marlon Wayans I guess is the new Ernest, giving us an Ernest Scared Stupid style of Halloween kids’ movie. This Netflix title had some good elements, but the main target is aimed mostly towards a younger crowd. It’s an OK kids’ movie, nothing too spooky though if they have a thing about spiders this might be one, they should skip as there are plenty in this and are pretty creepy. I liked it better than Hocus Pocus 2 at least. I’ll give it a RENT.

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