Kind of a dead final week for me in terms of movie watching. I still had a few left I wanted to check out, but nothing was really screaming to be watched. Which is why I mostly fell a sleep during every showing I had. There wasn’t anything of note to even mention and I really didn’t want to comment on a film a half watched.

However I did check out two I wanted to see. The first being the Craft reboot/sequel. I had high hopes for this one. I guess that’s what you could call it. More like, I loved the original film when I was a teen, so seeing a sequel interested me. But I knew that I shouldn’t be too excited, since when does shit like this ever work out?

To help pad this wrap-up out a bit, I’m also including a top 10 list of newer films you might want to check out.

So here we go! And Happy Halloween!

The Craft: Legacy – This is a terrible movie. Think less like the original and more like that unwatchable shitty woke Black Christmas movie, but with even worse SFX. If I was making a worst list instead, this would be at the very top. It is that awful. But in a bizarre twist, it has a fantastic ending, which I would have loved to see as the plot to this movie. However what we got was basically a rehash of the first film, but the girls like way too young, so it made things really awkward during some scenes. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a watered down version, made for the Twilight YA crowd. If you’re a fan of the first film, I honestly can’t say to watch this. Maybe just check out the ending, as it is the only saving grave this film has. SKIP IT!

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight – I think Polish slasher film. It also might have been a comedy, but I really don’t know. The humor was so strange and off putting… But the major flaw this film has is the pacing. And also the editing, as this is cut together so poorly, it made a 90 minute movie feel like hours. Characters would just do nothing for long stretches of time. They’d sit, talk and then talk some more. Doing nothing. At one point characters are just sitting there, not even talking which turns out is even worse! A cleaver needed to be taken to this thing, cutting all the unnecessary crap that was bogging this movie down. SKIP IT!


10. We Summon the Darkness – Fun little slasher film with some twists, worth the watch.

9. The Platform – Great concept but falters towards the end.

8. Spontaneous – Standard teen romantic film with one big difference, teens are exploding.

7. The Hunt – Waited a while to see this one, others had issue with it, but I just thought it was a fun ride.

6. Spree – Speaking of fun rides… Check this one out, commentary on the obsession of celebrity.

5. Come to Daddy – From the producers of Mandy, so… a given it’s on this list.

4. The Wolf of Snow Hollow – Fun quirky Fargo-inspired but with a werewolf.

3. Color Out of Space – Again, another from the producers of Mandy, but this time it starts Nic Cage. Need I say more?

2. Love and Monsters – Fantastic monster designs keep this movie moving.

1. Game of Death – Gory, sick as hell movie that I absolutely can’t stop raving about. If you see one horror movie this month, make it Game of Death.

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