An excerpt from my script review for Fresh which will be available 04/04/22:

3.) Quality of Characters

You can’t have it both ways with your characters.

Noa and Mollie.

On one hand, they’re these independent women who are going to break societal norms by not being defined by the men they date.

And then they go on to rant about needing to find a man to date.

It was annoying, at one time even making fun of female characters in other movies for how much they discussed men versus other topics, only to then bitch about men.

(Both finding them and disliking the sex as a whole.)

These two became caricatures of rom-com females.

Even the “meet cute” of Noa and Steve in the grocery store, she’s instantly “hot” for him despite some warning bells going off in her head as they begin their courtship.

I don’t know…having two daughters, I just hope for more.

It was a similar complaint to how horror movie characters always seem to make the same dumb decisions over and over.

Audiences can handle smart characters!

Noa can have a life outside of dating, and still meet Steve in a way that leads to a relationship.

In fact, that could even make the movie stronger because she won’t appear desperate for a man.

These two together in the earlier scenes just led to mundane and annoying banter we’ve seen in countless female film conversations before, and keep in mind this was written by a woman.

You’re not reinventing the wheel by giving us the same old shit.

The conversations fell flat and didn’t lead anywhere.


Listen, I felt bad for her, losing an arm and leg to a sadistic cannibal, but not every entry for her needs to be a stupid one liner.

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