An excerpt from my script review for Fantasy Island (2020) which will be available 05/25/20:

2.) Plot Stability

It didn’t scare me silly, and with the light horror it’s probably something I can watch with the boss and neither of us will freak out.

That’s probably why I enjoyed most of it. Sure it fell apart towards the end, and that’s what reminded me of another show we started the kids on last night…


Had that strange sort of “the island” magic talk that John Locke was always bitching at Jack for.

This wasn’t bad, but I wish there would have been more of a mystery behind just how perfectly Roarke was able to get their fantasies.

Feels like they reveal too soon that it’s the magic of this island that’s kind of evil.

For me, it would have been cooler to be led down a path towards wondering if it wasn’t a bunch of actors or the West World style androids Melanie tends to bring up.

But nope, all these different timelines and scenarios are thrown together on an island and somehow tie in together without conflicting with ro interrupting one another.

That part took a bit of a leap of faith when all the shit starts to go down.

There are some decent twists though, like the intro, with the woman thinking help is on the way, only to be kidnapped.

I did enjoy how she later tied into Melanie’s fantasy, so it wasn’t just a throwaway scene. Why the island couldn’t just summon a version of Sloane, I don’t know…

(Remember, the more you connect your characters the better!)

JD and Brax being led down this jungle path was another, thinking they’re going to be the first to die.

Lastly the idea of “having it all” comes with a big catch that you’re going to pay for it…with your life.

See, the island really is evil!

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