An excerpt from my script review for Extraction which will be available 04/27/20:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Another Netflix project.

More than just me, but there’s a certain stigma for these features that are streaming service specific.

Listened to a review for the new Apple TV project with Chris Evans, Defending Jacob. More or less said Cap was phoning it in, and the story threw every possible stereotype into it for a crime thriller series.

Nothing new. Nothing great.

For Netflix I think about all the Adam Sandler bombs that we force the Cap’n to review.

You’re Netflix. You make a lot of money.

Why are you overpaying for people’s projects they can’t sell other places and consistently receiving subpar performances from big name actors?

Because you’re the new kid in the entertainment industry?

I’ve got news for these streaming services…they WILL NOT all make it.

Someone’s going to either buy others or force them out of business.

(My money’s on Disney here, but we’ll see what their overall company numbers are after this quarantine.)

Theaters were already on a decline and that was before most of the world was under “stay at home” orders for two months or more, so that isn’t going to help and I’m worried audiences are going to realize just how little they need screens at brick and mortar locations.

Streaming will be the new medium for movies, and I wish some of the bigger services would demand a higher quality than we’ve been getting.

Having aired all that out, this project was written by Joe Russo (one half of the directors we have to thank for Endgame) and starring Chris Hemsworth.

Folks are going to want to read it, but how’d it do?

Extraction Film Stats

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