An excerpt from my script review for Creed II which will be available 07/01/19:

4.) Dialogue and Description

Okay, so I really hope the whole Peter Petrelli subplot wasn’t in Creed II, and here’s why.

That speech right there is one of the greatest speeches, not in just the Rocky franchise, but perhaps movies in general.

Robert’s living in Rocky’s shadow, sure, but by the end of the Rocky Balboa film the son comes around and supports his father.

We close the circle…

So why the fuck would we undo that beautiful moment?

The Rocky Balboa version is motivational, relatable, and inspiring.

Now take this version from the script…

Page 44:

Ever see the way you look at him,
at Adonis?


Like he’s part of you.

No, just looks that way, maybe –
You’re my only son.

I know, but face it, I couldn’t
live up to whatever makes you
“you”, maybe he can, but I don’t
want my kid going through that.
Growing up was tough enough without
him being in your “shadow”, too.

My shadow’s gone – I’m old.

It’s never gone – Y’know, I tried
to get your attention all the time,
an’ I even tried fighting, but I
wasn’t very good, so I stopped
trying, and you know what you said?

… I forget sometimes.

You said “Don’t worry about it. You
can’t be better than you are”.

It’s just words.

Yeah, but did I need to hear it?
Not living up to what you are,
that’s a tough pill to swallow.

Just be “you”, how hard is that?

Try telling that to other people.
It’s not so easy living with this

Could be harder livin’ without it.

You just live in a different world.

And it continues on from there, completely undoing anything good done with this relationship in Rocky Balboa.

Is Rocky Balboa a better film than Creed II? Irrelevant, but writers of a franchise need to understand what was established prior to their part of the story,especially if an earlier version handled a particular storyline better.

If this version was included, and again I truly hope it was not based on my argument in the plot section that it adds nothing, it makes Robert out to be a jealous little bitch and never takes it anywhere.

Know when you’re created something special, and make sure not to sabotage your own writing.

This advice is crucial with us having elaborate story arcs like in the MCU. Audiences will remember and hold you accountable!

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