An excerpt from my script review for Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers which will be available 05/30/22:

3.) Quality of Characters

First difference and a huge improvement?

In the script the bad guy is Mean Dean, a Santa Claus looking toon with botched early 90s CGI.

(Leave that gag to the Seth Rogen character and his polar bear companion.)

An overweight and balding Peter Pan is so much better!

This really added to the world, the “self aware” aspect, and more importantly was a better tie-in to the Disney theme.

Similar to utilizing Peter Pan, loved the switch from Erik Estrada to “Ugly Sonic”.

I’m not entirely sure how hard it was to get the rights to the first incantation of the blue hedgehog, but I’m sure it was easier than asking Erik Estrada to make fun of himself on a Disney+ only movie.

Not to mention it’ll probably play better with an audience of all ages.

And those close-ups of his “too human” teeth…just fantastic!

The last change the film did right in the character department was making Chip a straight laced insurance salesman.

He’s moved on with his life, still mad at Chip, but he’s found a relatively happy and fulfilling life.

(Evidenced by how many “Employee of the Month” plaques he has in the closet.)

In the script, Chip is a bit of a loner, and just as “down on his luck” as Dale.

The film makes for a better contrast, because arguably Script Chip may be just as antsy for a reboot because times ain’t good.

Then there’s the Seth Rogen Dwarf gag.

So very glad he signed on, because this running bit was funny, both the “not real enough” animation style, and how people aren’t sure who he’s talking to because his eye contact is off.

(Not to mention the fun little Seth Rogen bit at Comic Con in the film.)

Lastly, the part that I’m sad wasn’t included in the film was Dale wearing a toupee.

Part of me wonders if it wasn’t Disney staying away from anything perceived as body shaming, but is wearing a toupee to cover up baldness not allowed to be funny anymore?

Even when the joke is that Dale has been paying to update his appearance in a lame attempt to stay cool and trendy?

It falling off, a la Richard in Tommy Boy, was funny and made this post RR version of Dale more three dimensional.

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