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Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – Script Analysis


before-the-devil-knows-youre-dead-script-reviewAn excerpt from my script review for Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead which will be available 04/04/16:

5.) Format

The non-linear structure of this script really kept my interest, because it jumped back/around giving me the motivations for why the characters needed income from robbing a jewelry store.

Instead of following just one character through the story, we have an excellent idea of why people did what they did right up to the end.

Is this style still appropriate today?

Absolutely…when used correctly. Starting the story with the actual heist, which is honestly why butts are in the seats, is a fantastic idea which allows us to sweat the details later as the story unfolds in a unique nature.

On other format topics, the page length was up there, especially when you consider that breaking up the large blocks of indigestible description would actually bump that past 120.

Next, and I apologize I constantly harp on this, there were an extreme number of typos, and in some cases made me wonder if this was written in England and/or not the actual shooting script.

Remember, typos are the easiest issue to correct when reworking a script, so don’t be lazy!

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