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Amateur Monday – September Contest!


WritetoReelHi all,

It’s that time of the month again, and we FINALLY have the entries needed for our next Amateur Monday segment.

Here’s the loglines for the contest. Remember, most votes wins, via the BLOG and FORUMS, so make sure to promote it if you want those FREE notes!

Voting ENDS Friday September 25, 2015. (Midnight-ish PST.)

1.) Black Swarm – In 1984 divided Berlin, a young but disillusioned escape planner, pursued by a dangerous drug trafficker, is hired by two mysterious art dealers to smuggle a girl out of the Eastern Sector.

2.) Locked In – When a desperate mother sets out to find help for her dying son, she’s taken hostage by a troubled teen on the run.

3.) Sharcula – What if JAWS was a vampire?

4.) Soul Catcher – A wayward priest and his ragtag team hunt menacing souls by exploiting the unique ability of a woman in a persistent vegetative state. The woman serves as an empty vessel for spirit possession but morality is questioned when she regains consciousness.

And don’t forget to cast your VOTE on the FORUMS!



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