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Amateur Monday – May Contest


Amateur-Monday-May-Contest***Voting ENDS 5/22/15!

Hi all.

May’s entries are UP! Please cast your vote for the logline that catches your eye. Everyone can vote!

(Loglines listed below.)

ABBY SINCLAIR – An explosive relationship between a transexual cabaret singer and her mafioso lover incites a city wide mob war across 1950’s New York.

THE KILLING POND – Six college kids go for a swim at a secluded pond for some fun in the sun when two crazy masked killers show up and kill anyone that tries to leave the water.

SERENITY KEY – Every artist has a muse, but for a washed-up author struggling to jump start his career and failing marriage, enlisting the assistance of his #1 fan may result in murder.

VICIOUS CIRCLE – In an apocalyptic dystopian future, the target for an assassination attempt turns out to be a ten-year-old girl who holds the key to ending a one hundred year war.

Interested in entering your own script in a future contest? Free for subscribing members in our Upload Your Work section.



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