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What Could Have Been: Ghostbusters 3 – Hellbent


An excerpt from my script review for the unproduced Ghostbusters III – Hellbent which will be available 02/13/23:

2.) Plot Stability

Following along with that Nick Cave Gladiator 2 thought from above, it was like a half baked version of Dante’s Inferno meets Beetlejuice

…once they actually get to Hell that is.

And that’s the most pressing issue I had with the story, it just seemed to meander here and there, assuming since it was a Ghostbusters script, it had that luxury.

One of the managers is a 10 year old boy…is he a genius? He’s a doctor, so…yes?

But he goes off on adventures on his own, driving an Ecto vehicle.

There’s a whole building full of staff…that aren’t getting paid because Stan and Egon are spending all the money on R&D?

We have four Ghostbusting interns that are two guys and two girls…but which is which seems to bounce back and forth.

Then the “main” plot point of the story…the dead won’t die.

So they’re just going back home from the morgue apparently…

To fix it, Stan and Egon find this angel investor who gives them $3-9 billion to solve the problem (one part of the script says one amount, another part says the lower figure) and we flash forward a week to when the new tech is ready to test.

What happened during that FULL WEEK in NYC where people couldn’t die?

Well that’s apparently not a problem worth tackling.

So onto Hell we go…

To say episodic would be a compliment to this script.

We bounce around what are definitely cool visuals, but that’s it…a tour of cool visuals of a “Hellish” version of Manhattan until we find the Devil (I forget what his exact name is in the script) and we get our finale of some sort of sailing Ecto-1 car…

I’m sorry, but the whole thing was elaborately dumb.

Was the all female reboot good? Fell flat for me.

What about the new Paul Rudd version? Enjoyed it on a plane, but I see the criticisms.

This one though makes the most recent sequels look like Academy Award Winners.

I fell asleep 3 times while reading it, and that’s never a good sign.

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