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Victor Frankenstein – The Captain vs. Landis’s Monster!


victor-frankenstein-movie-reviewAn excerpt from The Captain’s film review for Victor Frankenstein which will be available 12/03/15:

I like Max Landis… I think. Let me rephrase that. I think I like his work. Him personally, reminds me of a lot of people I know. Big mouthed, no filter. Which gets him in trouble. Mostly on twitter and other bullshit I don’t follow. I ain’t a grumpy old man, I swear! I just don’t give no fucks about twitter and facebook.

Max has mostly used those formats to bitch about poor box office numbers his films get. Some of what his says might be true and something you as maybe a screenwriter should listen to. As someone who, like Landis, writes original material, you should be kind of wary of the current trend in Hollywood. You got that great original action script? Well fuck you, it has nothing to do with Marvel so you’ve wasted your time.

So in a way, I think we should all root for people like Max Landis because we in some way here want to be like Max Landis, getting our shit made and panned by critics. Okay, maybe not that last part.

I really enjoyed Chronicle, even though they changed a pretty good portion of it from the original script. And, I really enjoyed American Ultra which I reviewed not long ago. So, what did I think of Victor Frankenstein?

For one, I fell asleep while watching it.

This movie is so damn boring. For the moments I was awake, I kept thinking, wondering to myself why this felt so familiar. And then like a bolt of lightning it hit me. This is fucking Ghostbusters.

To be more exact, this is Ghostbusters meets the slap fighting Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films.

The first misstep is focusing the film called Victor Frankenstein on his assistant Igor. Played by Harry Potter… I mean Daniel Radcliffe. He is a freak at a traveling circus, a hunchback so in love with some trapeze artist he studies the human form and all its insides. At least I think that’s why he is interested in medical science. He’s so quick to notice things, it seemed a bit strange he didn’t know he just had a giant cyst on his back.

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