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Turner and Hooch – Blast from the Screenwriting Past!


An excerpt from my script review for Turner and Hooch which will be available 08/30/16:

3.) Quality of Characters

If you’re writing any sort of buddy movie, male and female alike, it’s important to establish the contrasts between personalities, and early.

Remember, without that contrast your “buddy” story won’t be any good.

Luckily, this script handled that well, keeping a fine balance of reminding us who these characters are in the world.

Jack Turner, a well kept, neat freak detective.

So well kept, that he takes his blazer off when riding in the detective cruiser, folding it neatly in the back seat.

Hooch, a junkyard dog combining the ugliest traits of various breeds.

Words used to describe the two were carefully thought out.

Short, clean descriptions for Turner. Ugly, mean, dirty words for Hooch.

To maximize the relationship, one disgusts the other initially, until each slowly accepts traits from the opposite bit by bit, occupying a middle ground by the end.

My apologies on not copying/pasting from this scanned script, but each time your character performs an action or displays a certain emotion, can you tie it into an example of who they are?

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