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Script Links 9-17-12


Hi all.

Going back to where we started, and visiting two amateur scripts next week. No rhyme or reason to who we picked other than we wanted to get to newer folks so we picked scripts that struck our fancy.

No real change and we’ll be back to pro scripts the following week, but thought this might be a fun change.


Monday 9/17

Vampire Prison by Peggy

Logline: In a soon to be closed decrepit, island prison off the coast of Seattle an ancient vampire buried for a hundred years is awakened. Can a prison guard on his first day save himself and a few civilians before the zombie hoard overtakes them and possibly the world?

Wednesday 9/19

Script Links

Thursday 9/20


Friday 9/21

Dewy Carson’s Debt by Nick R. Murphy

Logline: An insecure loser has two days to find 2,000 dollars in order to pay off an intimidating gangster he accidentally wronged.

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    • I just hope, regardless of outcome, that you still feel this way on the other end. LOL.

      We’ve had plenty of writers say this BEFORE the review…it always makes us nervous.

  1. I’ll be honest, while I like the current draft of Dewy Carson’s Debt, it isn’t my favorite of the scripts I’ve written. However, for some reason, the logline for it generated the most interest on the forum. So I thought I’d share it and see what everyone thought. Good, bad, ugly, or indifferent!


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