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Script Links 6-18-12


Hi all. Getting to the schedule early today so everyone can see where they stand.

Trying to include those of you who are contributing to the sites (mainly swapping reviews in the forum), but there’s also a few people who originally submitted that we wanted to get to also.

(This is a little experiment by Roy and I to see if the one time posters are still checking also.)

Anyway, here you go.

Wednesday 6/20

The Days Never Know by Taylor McCleve

Logline – With their ten-year high school reunion only days away, a small group of friends remeet in their hometown, and attempt to let go of the fatal events surrounding the night they graduated.

Thursday 6/21

Source Code by Ben Ripley

Logline: An action thriller centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train.

Friday 6/22

A Day in the Life Article

Saturday 6/23

War and Pain by D.K.

Logline: Huck wants to be a rapper, and he is putting it all on the line to chase his dream. When the hard work he and his friends have put in on their album is forcibly taken from them, they have no choice but to venture out into the mean streets of Atlanta to find out why, and who.

Sunday 6/1724

Super Friends by Chris Cobb

Logline: Childhood friends Hannah and Sully suck at hooking up because they both lack confidence in the bedroom, so to help him snag the girl next

door while she reels in a hunky colleague they make a pact to stay “just friends” as they practice the Kama Sutra on each other.

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  1. Okay. I think people should comment on loglines cause that’s the first step to getting your script read.
    Super Friends : This sounds like sex friends, or no strings attached. In fact it sounds almost like that. So what’s different? You need a new original spin on the same thing. I it’s just a copycat you can’t sell it.
    War and Ponce:This is actualy interesting, like a musical mystery, but two things turn me off: The rap thing (But I’m not saying there’s no audience for this) and the fact that if their work was good, finding who stole it wouldn’t be that hard. So if if wasn’t… who cares.. So the logine needs work.
    Source Code: One of my favourite movies last year.
    The Days Never Know : Too vague. Is it a thriller, action,drama or horror? What makes it unique in the sea of scripts with high-school reunions.It might be interesting but again… needs work.

  2. i hear Super Friends and think some kind of superhero movie. that’s just me i guess. it got some raving reviews in the forums, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    i liked Source Code, didn’t love it or want to ever watch it again, but i guess it will be interesting to see how different the script is from the final product.

  3. Thanks for the comment Jovan, but I would really love to hear some feedback besides “why don’t they just remake the beats?” or “why don’t they just call the cops?” Why didn’t they just settle for Dairy Queen in “Harold and Kumar”? The answer is: Because that would not be a movie. I wrote a hundred pages based on some kids trying to get their beats back, so comments that say they shouldn’t have tried are not very helpful. It is a comedy. I can think of a million comedies with less solid premises. Sorry for ranting, I do appreciate any and all input.


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