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Script Links 5-21-12


Hi all.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for this week.

Wednesday 5/23

Mythical by Charles Martin

Two teens find the burnt corpse of a soldier desert that turns out to be a zombie with super powers. Can they help this soldier regain his memory and complete his mission from beyond the grave?

Thursday 5/24

Big Fish by John August

A son tries to learn more about his dying father by reliving stories and myths he told about his life.

Friday 5/25

American Gangland by Anastasia Chavez

When a Mafia boss decides that his life never had meaning, his purpose is further tested after he’s implicated by both police and the Mob itself.

Saturday 5/26

Ass Kicker by Brenton Lonkey

Donny “The Greatest” Milfer is thirty six years old and lives in his sister’s garage, but after creating his own form of martial arts, he sets out to challenge his skills against four experts with hopes of defeating them and becoming the world’s next great martial artist.

Sunday 5/27

Sunday Spotlight

Covering the revised first 15 pages of The Playground.

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