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Script Links 4-16-12


Hi all.

Here’s what we’ve got on the agenda for this week.

Wednesday 4/18/12

The Sublime Freedom by Antony Davies

When a single-father cop spies on his daughter’s internet use, he discovers a previously undetected killer preying on L.A.’s criminals; when his investigation spills long-buried secrets, he must protect his daughter from a danger even greater than the killer she found.

Thursday 4/19/12

THE ANSWER by Tungamirai Mutsau

RICHARD Coughlin and his children have to wait a week to find out if an exorcism was successful.

Friday 4/20/12

Mountain Fist By James Anderson

A shy Appalachian girl challenges a suitor to a fight in order to keep her secluded mountain community from being strip-mined.

Saturday 4/21/12

KILLER ROLE by Gary Dragan Milin

A timid and girl-shy drama student lands the role of his life when he’s mistaken for an infamous gunman and hired to protect a Russian mob princess from a deadly assassin.

Sunday 4/22/12

BEAR CHICKA WOW-WOW: Deep Inside The Nites & Days of an Average Sexpot Danger Bear by Dosch Dgravenszein

A retro exploitation/Alice in Wonderland-like journey of an everyday straight man finding his chicka chicka wow-wow in the offbeat world of gay bear beauty pageants.

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