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Morgan – Know your genre, write within it.


An excerpt from my script review for Morgan which will be available 09/27/16:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

This script committed the careless sin of not picking a genre and sticking to it.

The story started off well enough, being a thriller that kept me guessing as we follow Lee and her investigation of Morgan and his/her creators.

But get to the last 15 pages or so, and the story devolves into a less than thrilling slasher.

Sure people can die in a thriller, but the entire story ends up being an elaborate setup for Morgan to go ape-shit on the overwhelmingly insignificant cast, wasting the suspense it initially sets up.

Similar to NEON DEMON, the script took entirely too long to get to the point, or in this case, what audiences are hoping for all along.

But, with that being more plot we’ll discuss in the next section, getting back to marketability, this is a relatively low budget sci-fi thriller.

Producers like sci-fi.

My one concern is if the producers of this knew of EX MACHINA or not. Both stories being more or less the same from a production standpoint, there’s a big risk assuming that you’ll get viewers to pay twice for the same thing, spaced maybe two years apart.

That forces a video on demand type of release, which can still turn a profit, but it’s not a great sign for genres other than horror.

Morgan Box Office Stats

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