Logan Lucky – Building Support Networks for Your Characters

An excerpt from my script review for Logan Lucky which will be available 08/21/17:

3.) Quality of Characters

Build a network of support for your characters.

Whether blood relations or not, this genre needs to have strong bonds between the characters, especially considering the risks they’re undertaking.

Rusty and Mellie aren’t completely onboard with Jimmy’s plan, but they hear him out and have his back.

Early display of this, Rusty talks about their mischief when they were kids, and he getting caught and sent to juvenile detention, but he’s not bitter about it. He’s glad Jimmy got away. That’s the kind of qualities you’ll want, unless going for a betrayal twist at the end.

The same with Sam and Fish in regards to Joe. They’re wanting to turn away from crime, but because Joe asked, it doesn’t take much convincing for them to join in.

Similar to the relationships in Ocean’s the characters are dedicated to one another, and the thought of a double cross never crosses our minds (in relation to inside the individual groups here, I mean).

What lengths will your characters go to support and protect those they care about?

This is an important question, because in a heist movie, more than likely they’ll be committing a crime, but we’ll still need to be on their side as they do so.

What’s their motivation? Does everyone support it? Is it relatable?

All things to consider, and just like any genre, the more connections you build between characters, the stronger your narrative becomes.

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