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Legend of Tarzan – Disney’s Jungle Cruise with Abs!


Legend-of-Tarzan-Script-ReviewAn excerpt from my script review for The Legend of Tarzan which will be available 07/11/16:

2.) Plot Stability

Everyone should have caught the HUGE red flag when interviews with Alexander Skarsgård were focused more on the insane diet and workout regimen he was on instead of discussing the film.

It’s like they knew they had a turd so they’ll just cover it up with some ripped abs!

Now, the script linked for this review may be an older version, but it was pretty dull.

Even the “action” scenes were in a rush to be over, letting Tarzan either instantly win, or instantly fail without true consequences.

And all the fucking chit chat. SHOW US!

Don’t drone on for pages at a time about how bad the Belgians are making the Congo, show us!

This is fucking Tarzan for crying out loud, each and every scene should wow us with the fact that a lot of these animals and plant life are either endangered or extinct now.

Instead, the entire story felt like a quick sightseeing tour…NO…keeping with the Disney analogy it felt like The Jungle Cruise.

(Some of the jokes just as lame.)

And it’s not like there wasn’t a plot, there were problems, but it all felt so generic and without true consequences.


Give us the impression that John isn’t Tarzan anymore, and despite what he once was, maybe he’s not got it anymore, and we feel like he could lose.

Don’t give us bullshit like “he’s not Tarzan…yet.” That lets us know exactly where you’re headed!

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