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Imitation Game – Script Analysis


imitation-game-script-analysisAn excerpt from my script review for The Imitation Game which will be available 12/15/14:

2.) Plot Stability

Going to focus on a single element for this.

Three linear stories.

A Story – Alan and his team trying to crack Enigma.

B Story – Alan’s past with Christopher, and being a gay man in a VERY anti-gay society.

C Story – “Present” Alan being broken into, and two constables trying to figure out exactly what’s up with Mr. Turing.

Now, is having multiple storylines in your script bad?


BUT, you’ve got to execute each one properly.

This was the largest issue for the script.

It was trying to juggle the WWII storyline which is the main plot, with Alan’s having to hide his true orientation.

Both are gripping stories, but the whole “present” storyline after the break in gets in the way.

Sure there’s witty banter, and it sets things up initially, but taking a step back it’s USELESS.

The authorities are trying their hardest to find out what was actually stolen from Alan’s home, along with who Alan Turing really is, but the detectives never find out the true answer, despite all their looking.

They stumble onto the fact that Alan Turing likes men, but WE already knew that.

So why waste the time?

Focus on the larger issues.

Want the full review? Follow this link to the Imitation Game Script Review.

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