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Entourage – Why Drama Is Bad


entourage-script-analysisAn excerpt from my script review for Entourage which will be available 06/08/15:

3.) Quality of Characters

Vince – The movie star, who despite having box office hits, still hasn’t reached that next level yet?

(Never quite understood why Adrian Grenier gets such a hard time about NOT being believable as a movie star. First it’s a TV show, and second there’s plenty of real leading men who either aren’t uber attractive or deliver crappy performances, or both.)

Turtle – The sidekick who drives Vince around. Out of the four friends, he’s the one that seems to have grown the most over the series storyline.

Eric – The “nice guy” manager who for no reason other than it’s a story continues to land girls out of his league and consistently fucks it up by not being the nice guy he believes himself to be.

Johnny Drama.

(Here’s where I remember the wife and I losing interested in the show.)

Imagine Jersey Shore stereotypes being built into every pigheaded stereotype of “Hollywould-be” actors.

That’s a quarter of how annoying Drama is.

My problem is he’s a buffoon, but there’s never really any redeemable quality that makes you want to root for him. Essentially Johnny’s a womanizing sleeze who has a hard time landing hookers, and when he loses we’re not too heartbroken over it.

Counter that with Ari Gold.

Based mostly on Jeremy Piven’s delivery, he’s the Tyrion Lannister of House Entourage.

His every interaction “gold” and unlike Drama, he’s a loyal family man who may be a dick, but a dick you want to see win.

*Oh, Lloyd has a cameo too, and I was glad he seems to be doing well as an agent.

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