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How to Write a Synopsis – Video

Need an easy format for a synopsis that will also work when pitching your script? Make sure to demonstrate you understand plot! No need to fear, we're here to help.

Write to Reel Q4 2015 Contest Winners!

Hi all. Finally done reading and comparing all the notes. Remember our focus was on marketability of the idea being presented given the scripts that were submitted. With that said, I was truly surprised by...

Generating Contained Thriller Ideas – Video

Giving your script a contained setting makes it more marketable. Wondering why? Are you stuck on ways to brainstorm contained script ideas? Not to worry, we're here to help.

5 Option Clauses to Consider – Video

You're being offered financial compensation for your writing. Congratulations. Should the digits in black be the only thing to worry about? (Hint, hint. No.)

Using an Ellipsis…Video

What is an ellipsis in screenwriting terms? How is it used and how often should you use it? Check out our quick informative video.

Using an Intercut – Video

Are you, like I was, afraid of using technical screenwriting techniques like an intercut? Not to worry, we go over that and more (like using V.O. and O.S.) in this quick and easy...

6 Character Creating Questions – Video

Can you answer these questions for all of your characters? Knowing who they are is important. so they LEAP off the page for your reader!

Q4 Mini Contest Public Entries

Hi all. Our first ever contest is now closed for Public Entries. Best of luck to the entrants, and STAY TUNED for the winners! $100 entry fee (also includes detailed notes from Hank). 10 spots total,...