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Agent 47 – Nice Action, Cool Visuals


Agent-47-Script-AnalysisAn excerpt from my script review for Agent 47 which will be available 09/14/15:

2.) Plot Stability

Based on the reviews, I was expecting A LOT worse.

Was anything in this script surprisingly new? No, not really, but it wasn’t bad.

There were nostalgic similarities to The Terminator storyline, only with assassins instead of cyborgs, and a twist ending.

My biggest issue…

Katia – Agent 90

We’re introduced to her early, via a simple picture and a shit ton of people trying to find her.

It’s very interesting, but her special abilities are similar to that of 47’s, only she can kind of predict the future? My reasoning for that is she could stare THROUGH webpages, a la The Matrix, and predict what people were going to do based on probabilities.

Alright, I admit it wasn’t 100% clear.

My issue however is that we don’t really get to see these powers until the last third of the story.

On page 62, she frees herself from this intricate knotted rope setup, and it’s pretty cool.

What would have been cooler is to see more glimpses of that while she’s with John very early on in the film.

The story could even keep his motives secret simply by providing a concern on his end that she might not be ready to use these abilities yet, or that by using them, she’s extremely traceable.

Either way, I felt like she was underutilized for most of the script, having John always protect her.


Torture setups.

Car chases.


Hell even a giant water tower crashing and flooding the street.

(And that’s just the first ten pages!)

It’s all in here, and perhaps a bit repetitive or cliché, but again I enjoyed the script.

Page 6 – Giant helicopter chasing an armored convoy through the streets of Vienna.

Page 10 – Intricate setup which places 47’s target right in front of the hotel he just happens to be at. He kills the doctor with ease.

Page 28 – Another car chase, where of course one of the characters has to drive backwards at full steam ahead? Or would it be behind?

Entire script – John and 47 face off in fight scenes right out of The Matrix. (Blink and we may miss the sweet moves!)

Page 62 – Katia gets free and she helps 47 fight their way out of a Syndicate invaded factory.

Page 93 – Another giant battle at the end where Katia fights off Syndicate soldiers, and 47 finally finishes off John….OR DOES HE?!

Main Plot

Honestly, I liked the whole bait and switch of John being the bad guy.

Also enjoyed how Katia constantly searched for a man who turned out to be her father. (Thought it was a bit silly he “programmed” her to do it.)

Had issue with her dad being in the VERY city Syndicate International just happens to have their lab.

And happy 47 now has a sister.

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