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Thread: STOKER by Wentworth Miller - Script PDF

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    STOKER by Wentworth Miller - Script PDF

    I saw someone was looking for the Stoker script by Wentworth Miller awhile back and it hadn't been posted yet, so here it is. Enjoy!.

    Just a side note in case you didn't know, originally he wrote it under a pseudonym thinking that his fame would hold the script back and not have anyone take it seriously.
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    Kurtlad, thanks so much.

    Wentworth Miller was awesome in the first season of Prison Break, maybe even the second one, but then the whole storyline just got silly.

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    I didn't hate this film like some have. visually it's pretty stunning. but the story... check out the film The Bleeding House. it has pretty much the same plot, but is done way better.

    the ending in the film is a bit better, only real difference is she kills the sheriff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Peachfuzz View Post
    ...she kills the sheriff.
    Did she soot him? If so there's a GREAT song they could have used there.

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    don't the deputies always die first in the movies? they're like the redshirts of law enforcement.
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    Script was great... The movie no so much.

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    The movie wasn't bad. The cinematography was gorgeous!

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    I haven't seen it yet, but I have decent hopes. It's Chan-wook Park after all. His films are typically well shot.

    And Harmony Korine is here, because... I'm not sure.

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    STOKER looked amazing on film. And Miller really paints nice pictures with his words, some great writing. The story was interesting early but then derailed big time, imo. At the end I was left thinking "what was the point of that"?

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